Petya Tsoneva

PetyaTsoneva, PhD

Department of English and American Studies
St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of VelikoTurnovo, Bulgaria

E-mail: petyatzoneva [at]; petyatzoneva [at]

Research interests: Literatures in English and French, Postcolonial and Migrant Writing, Comparative Literature

Subjects taught:

BA Courses:

  • English Literature of the 19th, 20th and 21st century
  • British Literature of the Age of Romanticism
  • Gothic Writing and Film

Major publications:


  • С крило на земята/Hand-and-Wing Sojourn. Collection of Poems in Bulgarian and English. Sofia: Sofia University Press, 2010. ISBN 978-954-07-3109-4.

Articles and chapters in books:

  • “Promoting Cultural Studies in the Bulgarian University Context in the 1990s: Notes on Educational Practice”. English Studies on This Side. Post-2007 Reckonings. Eds. S. Gupta and M. Katsarska. Plovdiv: Plovdiv University Press, 2009. 165-179. ISBN 978-954-423-568-0.
  • “Metamorphosis and Identity Construction in Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses”. University of Bucharest Review. Ed. Radu Surdulescu. Bucharest: Bucharest University Press, 2009. 47-52. ISSN 1454-9328.
  • “Perspectives on Home and Homelessness in Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Salman Rushdie”. Comparisons and Interactions Within/Across Cultures. Eds. Ludmilla Kostova, Iona Sarieva and Mihaela Irimia. Veliko Turnovo: St. Cyril and St. Methodius University Press, 2012. 149-159. ISBN 978-954-524-858-0.
  • “‘The Ground beneath Our Feet’: Reworking the Myth of Flying in Salman Rushdie’s Fiction”. Peregrinations of the Text: Reading, Translation, Rewriting. Eds. Evgenia Pancheva, Christo Stamenov, Maria Pipeva, Georgi Niagolov. Sofia: Sofia University Press “St. KlimentOhridski”, 2013. 232-238. ISBN 978-954-07-3500-9.
  • “Within Reach of the Nobel Prize: the Role of the Media in Salman Rushdie’s Life and Writing”. Нобеловата награда за литература – мост между културите (The Nobel Prize in Literature: A Bridge between Cultures). Eds. Ludmilla Kostova, Vladimir Sabourin, Vladimir Donev, Verka Sasheva. Veliko Turnovo: Ivis, 2013.  326-333. ISBN 978-954-2968-48-1.


  • 02/07/ – /07/2014: Erasmus teaching and research, University of Wolverhampton, UK
  • 30/06/ – 13/07/2013: CEEPUS – specialisation at GUSEGG summer school, organised by Karl Franzens University – Graz (Austria), on Collective Identities: nationalism, transnationalism – Europe and beyond
  • 9/11/ – 17/11/2012: Erasmus teaching and research, Jagiellonian University, Poland
  • 01/05/ – 31/05/ 2011: CEEPUS – PhD research, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 31/07/ – 07/08/ 2008: Erasmus teaching and research, University of Wolverhampton, UK
  • 10/07/2007 – 11/09/2007: Erasmus PhD research, University of Wolverhampton, UK
  • 05/2014 – First Prize in the national poetry competition “V polite naVitosha”,organised by the Municipality of Sofia

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