Milena Katsarska

Milena Katsarska

The Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv
English Department

E-mail: milena.katsarska [at]

Research interests:

Culture studies, socio-historical studies of disciplinary areas (English and American studies), and intercultural education; prefaces and afterwords to American literature in Bulgarian translation

Subjects taught:

BA Courses: 

  • Introduction to American Studies (BA)
  • American cinema / American culture (BA)
  • Computer mediated intercultural communication (BA)
  • English practice (courses in Critical and professional writing)

MA Courses: 

  • Translation & Politics (MA)
  • Language & the Media (MA)
  • Intercultural Communication (MA)

Major publications:


  • Gupta, Suman and Milena Katsarska (eds.) English Studies On This Side: Post-2007 Reckonings. Plovdiv: Plovdiv University Press, 2009. 350 pp. ISBN 978-954-423-568-0
  • Danova, Madeleine and Milena Katsarska (eds.) Intercultural Communication. Sofia: Polis Publishers, 2009. 520 pp. ISBN 978-954-796-030-5.
  • Katsarska, Milena and Zhivko Ivanov (eds.) Migration, Modern Nationalism and Nostalgia for the Homeland in the Age of Globalisation. Plovdiv: Plovdiv University Press. 2007. 255 pp. ISBN 978-954-423-422-5
  • Katsarska, Milena (ed.) Dialogues: American Studies in an International Context. Plovdiv: Bulgarian Association for American Studies publication. 2004. 392 pp. ISBN: 954-91615-1-X.


  • (with Donka Keskinova) “Student Perceptions of English Studies in Bulgaria,” Nordic Journal of English Studies, Vol. 10, N 1, 2011, pp. 155-181.
  • “English Studies in Non-Anglophone Contexts: Bulgaria” In: Maria Georgieva and Allan James (eds.) Globalization in English Studies. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010, pp. 212-240.
  • (with Suman Gupta) “The Official Record and the Receptive Field: Zlatyu Boyadzhiev in Communist Times,” Konsthistorisk Tidskrift/Journal of Art History, 1651-2294, Volume 79, Issue 1, 2010, pp. 1-17.
  • “The Bulgarian Connection in Harry Potter” In: Gupta, Suman . Re-reading Harry Potter. Second edition. Palgrave Macmillan, 2009, pp. 183-198.
  • “National Identity in Textbooks and Marginalizing Practices: A Case Study from Bulgaria.” Internationale Schulbuchforschung 29. Hannover: Georg-Eckert Institute for Textbook Research Publication. 2007, pp. 307-322.

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