Diana Yankova

Diana Yankova, PhD
Associate Professor of Linguistics

New Bulgarian University
Department of English Studies

E-mail: diana_yankova [at] hotmail.com

Research interests:

Discourse analysis, ESP, ELP, culture studies

Subjects taught:

BA Courses: Introduction to Canadian Studies, American Studies, Text Linguistics, Stylistics, Translation of Legal Texts, Translation of Economic Texts

MA Courses: Business English, Legal English, Formal communication

Major publications:


  • Yankova, D. (2004). Legal Language Made Simple: Statutory Provisions in English and Bulgarian. Sofia: Tip-Top Press.
  • Georgieva, M, Yankova, D. (2006). Canada: Canadian Kaleidoscope, University of Sofia Press
  • Yankova D. (2008). Translation Issues in Approximating Legislation, University of Sofia Press.


  • Yankova, D. (2006). The Interplay of Structural and Semantic Constituents in Statutory Texts. In Maurizio Gotti & Davide S. Giannoni (eds). New Trends in Specialised Discourse Analysis. Peter Lang AG, International Academic Publishers, Bern, pp.127-145.
  • Yankova D. (2007). How Harmonious is Harmonization of Legislation. In K. Kredens & S. Grozdz-Roszkowski. Language and the Law: International Outlooks, Peter Lang GmbH, pp. 97-108.
  • Yankova D. (2010). Terminological Incongruency: Translating EU Directives. In Hahn, Walther von/ Vertan, Cristina (eds.) Specialized Language in Global Communication, Sprache in der Gesellschaft – Volume 30, Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main, 489-497.
  • Yankova D. (2010). Reconciling Conceptual and Terminological Issues in Legal Texts: the Canadian Model. In Regan, Vera, Isabelle Lemee and Maeve Conrick. Multiculturalism and Integration. Canadian and Irish experiences. University of Ottawa Press, 217 – 226.
  • Yankova D., Andreev A. (2012). Cross-cultural and transnational identity: a case study of Bulgarian immigrants in Canada. British Journal of Canadian Studies, 25/1: 37-56.

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