Desislava Cheshmedzhieva-Stoycheva

Dr. Desislava Cheshmedzhieva-Stoycheva

Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen
Department of English Studies

E-mail: desichstoycheva [at]

Research interests:

Media Discourse, Linguistics, Culture Studies.

Subjects taught:

BA Courses: English practice, Ethnicity and Identity in Media Discourse, Textlinguistics.

MA Courses: English practice

Major publications:


  • “Markers of Identity in the Roma / Gypsy Press”. Language, Cognition, Communication. Konstantin Preslavsky University Press: Shumen, 2010. pp. 20-29. ISBN 978-954-577-561-1
  • “Cultural Oppression of the Indigenous White Group: Examples from British and Bulgarian Nationalistic Press”. Discourses of Globalization. Kliment Ohridsky University Press: Sofia, 2010. pp. 72-81. ISBN 978-954-07-2968-8
  • “Justifying Racist Behaviour against Roma in Bulgaria and Gypsies and Travellers in British Media Discourse”. Language, Culture, Identity. Faber: Shumen, 2010. pp. 21-28. ISBN 978-954-400-282-4
  • “Media Presentations of Roma in Bulgaria and Gypsies in the UK: The Metaphor of War in Articles on Roma in Bulgaria and Gypsies in the UK”. Journal of International Scientific Publication: Language, Individual & Society. Vol. 3. Info Invest: Bulgaria, 2009. pp. 30-38. ISSN 1313- 2547

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