Tatyana Stoicheva

Prof. Tatyana Stoicheva, Dr. Habil.

University of Sofia St. Kliment Okhridski
Dept. of  English and American Studies

Email: tatyanastoicheva [at] abv.bg

Research interests:

The English novel; Comparative literature and culture; Literary Reception; National identities, Postcolonial Studies, Gender.

Subjects taught:

BA Courses: British society and culture; English literature of the 18th century and Romanticism; The Translation of Bulgarian Realia in  Anglo-American Accounts of Bulgaria in 19th and 20th c. texts.

MA Courses:

Language and Culture Programme (Dept. of English and American Studies): Theories of Identity; Postcolonial Theory; The English Cultural Legacy; Comparative Literature and Culture; Comparative literature and culture; Theories of identity, Postcolonial Theory; The English cultural legacy;

Translation Programme (Dept. of English and American Studies and the Dept. of Romance Studies): The Bible in the Anglo-American Cultural Tradition and Its Translation in Modern Texts.

History of Women and Gender Programme (Dept. of  Philosophy): Modern Bulgarian Identities and the Frameworks of Europe.

Major publications:


  • Bulgarian Identities and European Horizons (c. 1870-1912) (in Bulgarian). Sofia: Iztok-zapad. 2007. ISBN 954321345-3.
  • Trajectories of Satire. A Comparative Study of Henry Fielding’s Jonathan Wild and Luben Karavelov’s Hadji Nicho (in Bulgarian). Sofia: Polis. 1999. ISBN 954-90375-5-X.


  • “What we have loved others will love”: The preparation of the reader for cultural difference in Pencho Slaveikov’s essay “The folksong of the Bulgars.” The Contemporary Nineteenth Century”. Britannica library. vol. 9. Selected and edited by Ralitsa Muharska, Rositsa Ishpekova. Sofia: St Kliment Ohridski University Press, 2015. 9-32.
  • “The first peregrinations of Bulgarian folklore across the Channel.” Peregrinations of the Text. Reading, Translation, Rewriting. Essays in Honour of Alexander Shurbanov. Sofia: St Kliment Ohridski University Press, 2013. 364-374.
  • “Giving Everyone Their Due: Religious Buildings in Sofia and the Embodiment of  National Identity (1878-1912).” National Identities. Vol. 11 (2009), 2: 187-207. Print ISSN 1460-8944; Online ISSN 1469-9907.
  • “Edmund Gosse’s Introduction to the English translation of Ivan Vazov’s Pod igoto (1894) and Intercultural Communication.”  Intercultural Communication. Proceedings of the International Conference of the Bulgarian American Studies Association and the Bulgarian Society for British Studies. Sofia: Polis, 2009. 361-368. ISBN 978-954-796-030-5.
  • “Rates of Exchange: Rates of Constituting Eastern Europe.” Britain and Europe. British Studies Conference at the St Cyril and St Methodius University, Veliko Turnovo, 1993. Ludmila Kostova et al., (eds.) Sofia: Petrikov, 1994. 126-129. ISBN 954-441-018-X.


  • Fulbright Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2007.
  • Meeting Western Eyes: Comparisons, Receptions, Translations. Еssays in Honour of Tatyana Stoicheva. Ed. Ralitsa Muharska. Sofia: Sofia University Press “St. Kliment Ohridski”, 2018.

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