Gergana Apostolova

Rd. Gergana Apostolova, PhD

South West University “Neofit Rilski” – Blagoevgrad

E-mail: apostolovag [at]
geapostolova [at]

Research interests: Intercultural semiotics; Creative writing; Philosophy of Language: Ethics of Weblish, The communicative situation of translation, Mentalese, Intertextuality and Interlingual onomastics.

Subjects taught:

BA Courses:

  • Philosophy of language
  • Rhetoric (Persuasive Discourse)
  • Translation studies
  • Introduction to English Literature
  • English & the Internet
  • American Literature

MA Courses:

  • Translation Studies
  • Theory of translation: translation as an art.
  • Sociocultural aspects of translation
  • Creative Writing;
  • Ethics in contemporary American Literature
  • The Transcendentalism of Thoreau
  • Heroic epics
  • English Literature – 2 (17th, 18th & 19th centuries)
  • English Literature – 3 (20th – 21st centuries)
  • Adaptations of literature to film and game
  • ScFi

Major publications:


  • Apostolova, G., Cultures and Texts. Internet, Intertext, Interculture. Blagoevgrad: SWU PRESS, 2010, ISBN 978-954-680-703-8
  • Apostolova, G., (ed.) ANALYSES. Blagoevgrad: SWU Publishing House, 2011, ISBN 978-954-680-822-6


  • “A Rhetoric of Meanings: provoking some questions on the outlines of translated existence in textual frames of discourse.” Rhetoric and Communications, Vol. 4 June. 2012. ISSN 1314-4464
  •  “E-kind. Facing the Stars.” Philosophia: e-journal of Philosophy and Culture. SU: Vol. 4/2013.
  • “Achronia as a Complex Mechanism for Social Control.” Rhetoric and Communications, Vol. 10. 2013 ISSN 1314-4464
  • “Names as Identifiers and Frontiers of the Text: If ‘Alice’ Were Some Other Name.” Language and Literature, Baku, Vol. 3. August. 2014, pp. 373 – 381; DOI: 10.7813/jll.2014/5-3/63
  • “Names as Identifiers and Frontiers of the Text: the Individual Capacity of Renaming in Changing Cultural and Language Environment.”  Philosophia: e-journal of Philosophy and Culture. SU: Vol. 7/2014.>


  • ESSE B Bursary 2007
  • Fulbright Visiting scholar 2007/8

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