3rd International Pedagogical and Linguistic Conference 2018

Educational Role of Language – How do we understand it?

 14-15 June 2018 in Vilnius

1.       We CALL FOR PAPERS presenting YOUR perspective on the educational role of language.

2.       We encourage you to join if you share our belief that the STATUS QUO OF LANGUAGE IN EDUCATION needs to be changed.

3.       We continue building up the international ERL NETWORK undertaking joint scientific projects.

4.       We collect findings and publications informing on the LINGUISTIC GROUNDS OF EDUCATION.

More information: CFP

ERL Network’s website: http://educationalroleoflanguage.ug.edu.pl/erl-conferences

ERL III Host’s website: http://leu.lt/en/leu_intc2018/intc2018erl3/intc2018erl3_home.html

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